Picture reading, like Psychometry, works on the principle of touch. One holds the photograph and picks up the vibrations just as with Psychometry. The difference lies in the fact that while one leaves psychic "fingerprints" on an object that he has touched, one's energy pattern is "captured", either knowingly or unknowingly, on film. There is no touch involved. There are many primitive peoples that do not like to have their pictures taken because they believe that the camera captures their soul ... it does!

The process is simple. The camera lens captures all light, including the aura surrounding a person. The light which includes the image (or images) is directed to the film, which is coated with a silver oxide solution. Because silver absorbs psychic energy extremely well, it will register the psychic energy emitted by the subject or subjects. It will not show up in the printed picture because it, like psychic fingerprints, is of a higher frequency and, therefore, invisible. However, by "tuning in", one can pick up these vibrations. The energy is transferred from the negative to the print because the transfer agent is again, light on sensitized paper.

Picture reading, like Psychometry, is simply another tool to use beyond Time/Space. For some it is easier than Psychometry and vice-versa. Go with whatever seems comfortable to you and works! The word to burn into your mind is allow. You must let go, relax and allow the psychic to work for you. You ccannot make it happen! You must allow it to happen. Once you've mastered that, the rest is easy, provided you have learned to trust yourself. Learning to trust yourself is one of the hardest things to do. Nevertheless, it is absolutely essential if you are to use your psychic abilities effectively. There will be times when you are challenged, when you bomb. At that time, all you have to go on is your self honesty. "Did I say exactly what I saw or felt? Was I completely honest? Did I hold nothing back?" If the answer is "yes" - then you have done all you could and should not feel badly. No psychic can be psychic or 100% accurate all the time. If nothing comes or you feel you can’t do your best job, say so! Don’t fake it because that can eventually destroy your credibility and is a disservice to the person coming to you for help.

I will share with you an example of what I mean by trusting yourself. I had just given a class in picture reading when one of the students asked me to "read" a photograph for her, which I did. However, it seemed nothing I said registered at all. The horrible thought flashed through my mind that I had bombed! For an instructor to bomb is doubly humiliating. However, in assessing my reading, I could truthfully say that I had honestly passed on the information that came to me without any alteration or withholding. I had done my best. I told the lady I was sorry, but the information I had given was what I had perceived. That was that, so I thought. The very next class, she rushed up to me with great excitement saying that the picture was of her daughter and after telling her what I had said, her daughter said my reading was extremely accurate. Understandably, I was greatly relieved.

The first-thing one does in any reading or psychic exercise is to "tie- in". First of all, get comfortable and relax as much as possible. Quiet your mind, and think briefly about the exercise you are going to do. Reach out through your "key" channel (a psychic energy column located at the top of your head) and ask whatever power you consider greater than yourself, be it God, Jesus, Allah, Cosmic Consciousness, etc., to trigger your psychic powers. That's all!!!!!

Just relax. You will feel a calming effect settle around you. (Some see or feel a white light or a shimmering, transparent sheet of energy come down around them). You are then ready to begin. Take the photograph, and hold it between your two hands. You may wish to simply hold it and feel along the edges. In any case, do what is comfortable for you ... what your instinct tells you to do! The key is to pick up the vibrations in the picture; the method is unimportant. Go with what works for you. Personally, I use several different methods, whatever feels right at the time. I prefer not to look at the photo (I turn it over) because I do not wish to be influenced by the subject visually. The temptation is always present to tell the sitter what you think he would like to hear, so I like to reduce those chances wherever possible. Relax; don't push. Let the impressions come, and say -them exactly as you see or feet them. Remember, it's the sitter's ' responsibility to validate the information, not yours! You may see images, symbols, colors and feel emotions such as anger, fear, confusion, elation, etc. As a rule, the more negative emotions will be felt more noticeably. At that time, it is most important to keep in mind that it is not your negativity but the emotion associated with the subject in the photograph. See why self-trust is so important?

Don't be afraid to make mistakes. They are every bit as important as your "hits". In this way, you will learn what is coming through you psychically and what you are imagining. We all learn (hopefully) through our mistakes!

The most important rule to follow, however, is practice, practice, practice. It is only by honing your skills through practice, through actually doing picture reading, that you become proficient; even those through actually doing picture

reading, that you become proficient; even those with "natural" ability must do this. I admit that for some this may be difficult, especially if they are surrounded by those who are fearful and superstitious, or those whose focus is entirely on the physical plane and hold intolerant belief systems. With this in mind, I am going to suggest an exercise which might be helpful and can be practiced when alone.

Take a magazine and close your eyes. Open it to any page. Place your hand or hands on the page and see what you pick up. If it has a picture, the game is to see how much you pick up about it. While the vibrations are much weaker because of the printing, they are there. It just requires more concentration to tune in. Make a game of it, and after a while, you may be surprised at the results. If you become good at this, then reading an original photograph should be a snap.

I suggest that in the beginning, try to read photographs that have only one subject, since more than one may send you confusing signals. When you become proficient, then you will be able to shift your focus sufficiently to pick up the correct information from each subject in a photo.

The secret is in the following: the allowing, the confidence, and trust in oneself. It takes a while, but is well worth the effort. In fully learning this secret (not really a secret at all) I believe that one ceases to live in darkness and begins to live in light. At least, I have found this to be so. It's not easy by any means, but the rewards are well worth going for it!

If you have any questions, you may contact me by writing to: Dr. Roger S. Pile, Ph.D., P.O. Box 928, Killingworth, CT. 06419-0928 or e-mail at rspile@connix.com. Dr. Pile is Director of The Center for Gnostic Education in Killingworth and has over 25 years of research and working in the non-physical sciences. He has lectured extensively and published over 28 articles on various subjects.


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