The following photos are some of the most incredible I've yet to see come out of Dudleytown.  They contribute photographic evidence of the strange and bizarre occurrences that have been experienced in this remote corner of Connecticut's most haunted piece of "Sour Ground".  If you have documentation (photographs taken at time of the incident, videotape, apported items, scars, etc.) of your paranormal experiences or sightings, please see the bottom of the "VIEW PHOTOS" page of this website on information on how to submit them to me, for inclusion on this website.

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Story # 1 - The Lady with the Yellow Shawl...by Nancy Zieglar & Robin Barron.

The following is not only a progressive documentation of a Dudleytown ghost sighting, but the aftermath.

Being alone, pulled away from the group, Robin Barron found himself at the entrance of the Vortex (a spot well known for strange activity, time warp feelings, psychic photos, etc.).  But not as alone as he first thought.  There, 30 feet away, stood a woman in a black dress and yellow shawl.   Hailing the woman, Robin caught her attention and a moment later she began to move toward him.  Floating, not walking, over the foot deep snow.

Amazed, but still with his wits about him, Robin pulled out his camera and started taking pictures.  Still gliding towards him, the woman began to fall apart.  Her body fell away, but yellow shawl seemed sucked up into her face, which continued on towards him.  In a flash, the jaundiced face disappeared only to leave big black eyes still coming towards him.   Robin stood frozen to the spot as the eyes passed through his own body.   His camera batteries were completely drained and no further pictures could be taken.

He quickly left Dudleytown and was soon seated at a small diner in a neighboring town.  Being an accomplished artist he had no trouble making sketches of what he has seen that day.  The true amazement happened when he got his photos back from development, and are shown below.
shawl2.JPG (48894 bytes)
©1992 Barron
Sketch of the woman spirit encountered at Dudleytown.
shawlzzz.JPG (27784 bytes) 
©1992 Barron
What was seen through the cameras viewfinder and sketched for later comparison.
shawl3.JPG (40043 bytes)
©1992 Barron
First photo taken as Robin sees the woman moving toward him.  Notice the blurry quality and black energy form in upper left. (Looking at this photo too long makes me dizzy!)
shawl4.JPG (46911 bytes)
©1992 Barron
Second in the series.  White, grey and black cloudy looking energy takes shape.
shawl5.JPG (35776 bytes)
© 1992 Barron
What looks like a yellow globule, floats closer.
shawl6.JPG (17875 bytes)
© 1992 Barron
The image is getting even closer to the photographer, and seems much larger than in previous shot.
dudexp0.JPG (21804 bytes) Getting closer...closer..closer...
shawl7.JPG (20149 bytes)
© 1992 Barron
Looks like a yellow bridge of nose in-between two large black eyes as described in the story.
shawl8.JPG (17744 bytes)
©1992 Barron.
Last shot taken before camera batteries were drained of energy and the spirit passed through his body.

Story # 2 - The Slap! - Robin Barron and Nancy Zieglar

The first photo below shows Nancy running down the North end of Dudleytown road, from the first foundation there.   She had just been slapped hard enough and loud enough for her husband Robin to hear it from where he was standing, many yards away.  As he ran over to the area to help her, he was pushed to the ground, and his camera went off.  The result of that photo is shown next to the first.
slap1.JPG (31389 bytes)
©1993 Barron
slap2.JPG (20411 bytes)
©1993 Barron

Hi Donna!

I buy a lot of old buildings in NY. I always have the same cleaning company NYC help me empty out the junk. Sometimes I take a picture with my cellphone of where I feel something might be. But I've never caught anything weird. After viewing the photos your readers have submitted I'm definitely going to buy a better camera and send in what I capture to add to your list. I don't know if I'd have the nerve to photograph a spirit coming toward and then going through me though!

 Love your website!

-Bob B.

Hello Donna,
I believe the drawing Robin did of the women in the yellow shaw may have been one of the Carter girls.  She was kidnapped by Indians after her family moved to NY state in the 1700, later rasomed back to the British.  The story goes she was never quite right after the encounter and killing of her parents and she lived in Dudleytown, and now walks the area.  Her spirit is the one who often "pokes" at people.

There is also a minister who walks the place.  They say the first winter in Dudleytown caused him to go mad and was never right.  I also know of an Indian with a red cape that has been seen in the area.  Who he is, or was, is still a question.

Thanks for a wonderful website!  Sandy Bausch


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