Book 2 - Southwestern CT

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BOOK 1 - Ghost Stories & Legends of Eastern CT


Who or what lurks below decks of the ships at Mystic Seaport? Does playwright Eugene

O’Neill still “live” in his family’s cottage on the New London shore? Are there really

vampires in Connecticut? Does Israel Putnam’s ghost still see the whites of your eyes?


This captivating book presents tales and legends from Eastern Connecticut's most haunted

locations -- dark deeds and lore from New London and Mystic, and stretching all the way to

Brooklyn, Windham, and Franklin. Like eerie and desperate whispers on the wind, the

ghosts of Connecticut’s past reveal their deepest, darkest secrets to author and paranormal

investigator Donna Kent as she sheds new light on this collection of spine-tingling legends.


The book follows the author as she tells the tales of hauntings and happenings, and brings

her paranormal investigation group, Cosmic Society, into many of the locations to try and

identify who -- or what -- haunts them.


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"What a treasure trove of ghostly lore!!! We read it 3X!!!!!" customer review